Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Informal, imperfect percussionists for parade and for drum circle, apply here

Shreveport Drum Circle

Peter Fetterman is holding a gathering of percussionists Wed, Ap 8, 7 pm, at Calanthean Temple, 1001 Texas Ave, Shreveport. He wants to organize a marching unit for the Doo Dah Parade on Sat, Ap 11, 5:30 pm.

Neither he nor Shreveport Arts Council, sponsors of the return of the Doo Dah, are particular about expertise of the drummers. They want to see people having fun and kicking it on the street.

Therefore, a grinning mass of you sinuous people are invited.

If you have tambourine or home-made shakers or strings of bells, you are welcome. And this might lead to a stationary drum circle to be enjoined on Sun afternoons, says me, Robert Trudeau.

Tell me what you're bringing:

Kumaasi African Ensemble Drum Foot

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