Friday, April 10, 2015

Two way pocky way: Mardi Gras Indians at Bears Shreveport: the Cha Wa shake it on Sat, Ap 11

Fun, Feathers and Funk 2015

New Orleans Indians and friends the Cha Wa chant and kill cow bell at Bears Fairfield on Sat, Ap 12.

"Cha Wa is a New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians band on the rise," writes John Wirt in The New Orleans Advocate (Mar 15, 2015). "Cha Wa’s core members include singers and Mardi Gras Indians Irving “Honey” Banister and J’Wan Boudreaux, plus organist Steve Malinowski. Banister’s and Boudreaux’s roots stretch deeply into New Orleans music and Mardi Gras Indians history."

Irving "Honey" Banister, J'Wan Boudreaux, Joe Gelini, & Kerry "Boom Boom" Vessell, John Fohl on Guitar, Bill Richards on Bass, Steve Malinowski on Organ.

Highly recommended. Tickets, 10.

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