Friday, March 05, 2010

Requiescat in pace: Shreveport poet George A Burton III; Requiem mass scheduled Sat, March 13, 11 am, at Church of the Holy Cross, Cotton St.

"An icon of the local poetry community, George A. Burton III passed away in his sleep last night," writes Carlos Colon.

"George was the host of the Enochs poetry series in the 1980s and was a founding member of The Trapped Truth Society. In addition, George teamed up with David Love Lewis for “Somebody’s Grandmother Exploded,” which was based on a phrase from George’s most well-known poem, “Alice Blue Gown.”"

Burton produced several chapbooks, collections of his writing in informal bindings. His capture of intellectual, besotted life with a gang of witty friends in the late 60's was nonpareil.

The photo above is by Becky Haigler. She wrote on her site, "Trapped Truth Society of Poets and Writers celebrated 17 years of writing and performing on Sunday, August 17, 2008. The group currently meets at Johnny's Pizza, Fern and Gilbert, in Madison Park. The gathering was billed as "Sunday in the Park with George," in honor of George Burton III, a founding member of the group who returned to be the day's featured reader. George is seen above, with Melissa Fowle, who also read some of her work."

Melissa Fowle announced to friends that Saturday, March 13, there will be a Eucharistic Requiem Mass at 11am for George. The location will be the Church of the Holy Cross on Cotton Street.

She added that George's death was unexpected. George was not ill. The night before, they had had a lovely evening and expected the same for the next day.

Church of the Holy Cross, Episcopal
875 Cotton Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone: 318-222-3325
Fax: 318-681-9506


Anonymous said...

Wonderful man. I miss him already.


Carlos Colon said...

Gorgeous George a.k.a Bondo Alabaster. Rest in peace, my friend. - C2

Unknown said...

"Shreveport hippies are the untimate anachronism..." GB3

Bye George...

Anonymous said...

I saw George at the Highland Parade. He had that big grin on his face. It made me smile. Now am sad.