Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal back to cutting cultural programs; wants 41% reduction in state arts funding

Both the Decentralized Arts Funding Program (DAF) and Statewide Arts Grants (SAG) have been targeted with deep and crippling cuts, says the La Partnership for the Arts. The Executive Budget presented in February requests a $1 million cut to DAF as well as a $1 million cut to SAG.

This $2 million cut represents a 41% reduction to Louisiana’s state arts funding.

If these cuts come to pass, the cultural-economic engine and tourism industry of Louisiana will become crippled by a severe ripple effect.

These cuts affect artists, teachers, non-profit organizations, festivals, libraries, museums and theaters alike. No community will remain untouched and the economic loss will rank second only to the loss in social profit, community and quality of life.

Culture is Louisiana’s finest natural resource. We need to nurture and protect it for it to flourish, says the LPA.

Read more and send a quick note to your legislator via the LPA web site.

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