Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art instruction for bored teens in Highland to offset mischief: Rachel Scott and Su Stella at Noel Methodist

Shreveport graffiti
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Su Stella- Meili says, "I am working with Rachel Scott at the Noel Methodist Church in the Highland area looking for Teachers for subjects like music, dance, photography, jewelry making.... possibly public murals.

We are beginning to have a 'mischief' problem, mainly with bored teenage males in our neighborhood. These are not bad kids; they are bored. They are doing things like swiping shopping carts and crashing into each other in the street. With summer coming they will have too much time on their hands.

*Many of these kids have working parents that are not home until evening.

We are looking for teachers with fresh ideas to capture these kids attention and keep them busy Before they wind up in trouble.

We Don't need grandma's knitting; we need exciting ideas to interest this age group and are we willing to listen to all ideas!

Su Stella: 228-263-2333


Unknown said...

We should make our version of YA/YA

a roe said...

i totally agree. kids will do whatever they can to stay occupied, granted i've broken enough glass bottles for a few people.
i would love to help in anyway i can. i'm a local artist and an art teacher at LSMSA in natchitoches where i've been involved in many art camps.
for any way i can help or teach art to those out there who are willing to learn and explore different ways to approach art rather dismiss it.
i'm young, hip, and cool but i understand the need to 'focus' rather than destroy creativity.