Thursday, March 18, 2010

45 paintings in Hoover show at Barnwell Art Center at high level of competency and collectibility

Some 45 large compositions by members of the Hoover Watercolor Society hang in the Barnwell Center.

In many ways the members of the Hoover represent the vanguard of artists in this region. These are well-schooled and skilled artists. Most of these painters have functioning studios. More than avid observers of life's simple pleasures, they have developed the discipline and technique to capture those scenes.

The Hoover artists have not gotten their work to the walls of the Barnwell by slapping down color while sipping vintage libations (indeed, there may be exceptions).

These artists are highly collectible. When you view them, you'll see how well their work fits your living space. The prices are, if I may say so, damned affordable - most of them in the $300 to $600 range.

See a few of my favorites here. I look forward to your posting the names of the artists who you like.

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