Thursday, May 02, 2013

"Samuel's Ladder" a piece of the soul of artist Alan Dyson at East Bank Gallery in the month of May; party on Sat, May 11, 3 to 6 pm

"'Tablet' - improvisations with god - is a collection of new work made from construction materials - limestone panels, brick, dimension lumber, and paper," says multi-media artist Alan Dyson.

"Some materials, saved for years, bear the traffic marks of weather, vegetation, and mineral stains which i have responded to with watercolor, marker, and etching tools. The result is reminiscent of my daily piano improvisations - carefully, but randomly balanced, colorful and fun."

"The signature piece of the show," Dyson adds, "is a structure I am calling "Samuel's Ladder". It's a tower built like shoji screen panels - clad with photocopy enlargements of my father's hand-written sermon notes. It is illuminated on the inside much like a Japanese lantern. The sermon, from Corinthians, and the limestone panels bearing the marks of nature are the inspiration for the title 'Tablet'."

"This new collection utilizes the materials of my work as an architectural artist but feels like my musical meditations...only in stone, brick, and wood."

East Bank Gallery, Bossier Arts Council, 630 Barksdale Blvd, Tues-Sat, 11:00 am-6:00 pm or by appointment. 318-741-8310.

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