Monday, October 23, 2006

West Edge Artists Co-op will complete renovation of 725 Milam St in some 2 weeks; then a whole gang of artists are expected to join

West Edge Artists Co-op
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"Our newly-remodeled gallery space at 725 Milam Street passed all city inspections today! Many thanks to the volunteers who donated time, money and talent to the cause; the gallery is a sight to behold," said West Edge spear chucker Debbie Engle. " We will be installing artwork within the next two weeks, and will be open for business as soon as we receive our final Certificate of Occupancy."

"Our soft opening is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 3, and our grand opening for the day after Thanksgiving. We hope Shreveport will be proud of it's largest, privately-owned downtown art gallery!"

The West Edge Artists' Co-op Board of Directors
Michael Parker
Pam Rowell
Theresa Ratcliff
Ladonna Hughes
Debbie Buchanan Engle

Co-op movers and shapers in the snap above are Tony Reans, Pam Rowell, Theresa Ratcliff, Debbie Engle and Danielle Reans.

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Anonymous said...

We already have 38 members, plus several non-artist "patron" members...does anyone have another building we can transform into a second gallery? We"ve already outgrown this one!! Eeek!