Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Steve Allen to appear at Musicians Forum at LSUS Tues, Aug 29, 7 pm; all welcome to second line

Steve Allen
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Musicians Forum #2, says Julia Foley, will be Tu, Aug 29th, at LSUS Student Center in the Ballroom, 2nd Floor. She says, "We'll kick off at 6:30 pm with networking time to meet and greet new and old friends.

At 7:00, we are going to pay tribute to New Orleans musicians, since it will be the anniversary of Katrina that day and we have a special guest coming up from New Orleans to perform an original song about surviving Hurricane Katrina and that is DC Sills. We also have some other performances and a live music second line led by Robert Trudeau to the sax wail of Steve Allen. He is to be joined by Jerry Davenport, a local artist who was raised in New Orleans' ninth ward.

At 7:30, our panelists will start by sharing and answering questions about Shreveport's music scene, their venues and what they need from local artists to grow our community and their businesses. Panelists will include Tabitha Taylor (booking agent for El Dorado Casino), Mary Martin (Clear Channel radio host), Sharon Bryant (Shreveport Sound Syndicate), Ron Stroope (Podcast expert), Danny Alan (Manager of the newly opened Theater and Hall of Fame), Eric (Noble Savage artist bookings) and many others. All area venues are invited to attend and participate.

At 8:30 it will be done.

For more information, you can call me, Julia Foley, at 402-2398.

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