Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shreveport Catalyst defunct; Teekell and Wissing reorganize alternative news publication under sunny name: the Heliopolis

Heliopolis, the name of Henry Miller Shreve's snagboat, will be the name of the publication being produced by former Shreveport Catalyst leaders Karen Wissing and Spencer Teekell. "We hope to finalize the name Heliopolis this week," added Teekell.

Volunteers recently converged at CoHab Shreveport to get story assignments and help set the direction for the print publication. "We want to be an alternative source for arts and entertainment news and views," said Teekell. "We will serve a delicious niche between the establishment media and the lunatic fringe."

Volunteer writers, editors, designers and photogs should send a brief resume to or

Advertisers are welcome to support this effort to bring change and fresh energy to Shreveport-Bossier's print side.

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