Monday, September 30, 2013

Biking on the streets of balmy Shreveport at A Better Shreveport meeting Mon, Oct 7, 6 pm, Centenary's Wright Bldg on Woodlawn St

The street-riding members of A Better Shreveport welcome occasional riders and those who care about the future of biking to attend the meeting on Mon, Oct 7, 6 pm to 7 pm, says Loren Demerath.

Meeting are held in the Wright Math Bldg located across Woodlawn Street from the Magale Library.

Check out the A Better Shreveport blog for issues being discussed. Among them was this recent item:
Some time ago ABS received permission to paint bike sharrows on streets. We've held back from doing more than we did on a small scale for the tree tour because of our hopes that a bike-ped plan would be soon created, which it wasn't; more recently, we thought it might be worth waiting for the Unified Development Code's completion, but we now the code wouldn't help much for that kind of thing.
So, we may be putting off a great opportunity to add significant value to our city right now."

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