Thursday, September 26, 2013

Randy Ross on Shreveport's murals via Chris Jay's 20X49 blog, Shreveport

Enjoy the witty writing of book seller and design maven Randy Ross in his recent art column for the 20X29 blog. He deepens knowledge of Shreveport's best known murals - like those at the La State Exhibit Museum - and brings a spotlight to less well-known murals - like those in the Commercial National Bank, 333 Texas St.

20X49 blogger Chris Jay is a self-created social scientist. Jay never got over the "why?" and "where?" part of his development. His inquiry-minded attitude toward Shreveport engenders persuasive food writing (check out his championing of Sabores Dominican Restaurant) and special events articles (love his enthusiams for the Cince de Mayo and Let the Good Times Roll fests). And when he publishes the musings of specialists like Ross you can count on more enrichment.

Highly recommended.

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