Thursday, September 05, 2013

Requiescat in pace, artist and musician David Brian Dooley, Shreveport

David Dooley is dead of cancer, says the Friends of David and Jean Dooley site on Facebook.

In recent years David had become a popular violinist at jam sessions across Shreveport-Bossier. His dry wit, self-deprecating sense of humor and witty world view stood out in local circles. He was long-winded but was a storyteller who brought detail and insight to his tales.

Some who knew him as a man who passionately spoke through his fiddle were surprised to learn that he was also an accomplished painter.

Dooley's oil landscapes and portraits were highly professional and characterful. He was economical of brushstroke, but delivered scenes with accuracy and elan. He spent time painting in France and in Virginia and had a wide circle of art friends and patrons across the country.

Dooley was devoted to his wife, Jean, but otherwise cared not fig for the conventional standards of success. As a violinist and painter who had touched people on a consistent basis, he was a fulfilled man.

A memorial will be held on Wed, Sept. 11 at Holy Cross at 2 pm, says MC Rollo.

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