Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taste of the new album from singer Maggie Koerner @ Bears, Fairfield, Sat, Mar 16

Maggie Koerner's voice and sassiness have never been smokier. On the eve of releasing her second album, she returns to Shreveport - from New Orleans - to wail at Bears on Sat, Mar 16.

April and Daniel Smalley will open with an acoustic set.

Koerner's new album, Neutral Ground, will drop next month. Having listened to a rough cut I can tell you it's molten. Like butter. It's better than her first CD, Quarter Life, because the songs are more organic.

The musicians she's found in New Orleans seem somehow simultaneously trippy and soulful. Her lyrics seem better than before.

Koerner and band have found the sweet spot for her throat and chest. When she opens a tune with a careless rendering of the lyrics she does so knowing that a few bars later she will be barking and moaning and cutting your shirt open with her voice, sharp as a knife.

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