Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anatomically correct on Thurs night at the Naked Bean: jazzy, psychedelic improv by Tchai on Mar 28, 7 to 9 pm

Tracy Chappell leaps upon his finger army while floating the platoon cross the river on a flotilla of levitation effects.

Thus Tchai begins to touch listeners.

Robert Trudeau pops and snucks his Fender bass, at times sounding acoustic, other times sounding Grahamly crackery.

Greg Andrews pounds, caresses, beams and meters the time expertly, a child of the chronic sky.

Thurs the group will be joined by the radiant, thoughtful percussionist Lane Bayliss. Concentrating on his podnas' musicality, Bayliss reacts via the universal language of deeply felt drumming.

Join us. $3 donation.

Naked Bean is 451 Kings Hwy, adjacent to the Chevron, corner of Highland and Kings.
Relax. Bring your friends. Chat. Cerebrate.

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