Wednesday, March 06, 2013

So you want to be an artist. And get paid for your art. Try ArtsCouncil of New Orleans entrepreneurial training; in Shreveport

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council announces the Spring Session of the Visual Artists as Entrepreneurs Intensive Training Program, says Vickie Marshall. It will be facilitated by the regionally renowned Arts Council of New Orleans.

The goal of this program is to transition professional artists into income-producing artists, increasing their capacity to earn income through their art.

This 4-week, 16-hour comprehensive training has been developed based on artists' responses to an online Artists Survey and tailored to meet the needs of the professional artists in the community.

SRAC has contracted with the team of Gene Meneray, Lindsay Glatz and Mary Len Costa to create this intensive training program. Combining lecture and small work groups teaching formats, the program takes Artists through the development of marketing materials, branding, web and social media development, creating a business plan, profit and loss statements and career outlets such as galleries, museums, markets, festivals and public art.

The program begins Mon, Mar 11 at 4 p.m. at Central Artstation, 801 Crockett Street. Deadline for applications has been extended to Mar 7. Juried Artists Roster members and Directory Artist may apply online at

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