Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Explosion of Bubble Wrap at Artspace Shreveport opens Fri, May 21, with music by Dirtfoot

Artspace Shreveport opens three new exhibitions on Pop culture on Friday, May 21, says Pam Atchison, in which the artists use mass-produced visual commodities to create art.

Pop!, celebrating 50 years of Bubble Wrap®, features a 10′ x 50′ Bubble Wrap® Painting by Marshall Dines using acrylic paint injected via syringe into each three-dimensional cell.

William Joyce, artspace Artistic Director, and a jury team have selected seven Louisiana artists to create unique Bubble Wrap® artworks to be included in the exhibition. Bruce Allen is creating a giant Bubble Wrap® Teddy Bear. Matt DeFord is designing three giant black and white spheres that will hang from the ceiling with the opportunity for guests to POP their head through the bottom. Alan Dyson’s “50” sculpture installation celebrate the birthday of Bubble Wrap®. Mary Virginia Hill is creating a triptych of paintings and Micah Harold is designing a black and white spider that will hang from the ceiling.

Jim Hayes and his team are designing a mini-set of a Bubble Wrap® house from the inside looking out at the sky. Tama Ripps Nathan’s interactive Bubble Wrap® creation will be the gateway to giftspace. Tiffany Shemise Walker is designing 10 new fashions made of Bubble Wrap® for the exhibition.

Upstairs the Bubble Rap 3 exhibit, curated by Michael Glenn Moore, will present over a dozen graphic artists. And painter Tony Reans will present a solo show of pop art paintings called Maximum Mindshare.

The reception on Fri, May 21, will feature the music of Dirtfoot. Admission is $10.


Anonymous said...

I am confused...
FIFTY years of bubble wrap, yet it was conceived in the administration of Teddy Roosevelt?

Tama said...

thanks for the good article that informed me about the other projects. Hope I didn't step on your toes w. my YouTube video...I know you're documenting this exhibit...it'll be great. Tama