Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun events on and on Shreveport Blog are Googleable; events on Facebook are not

"Facebook does not permit Google to reach most categories of information placed on the site," says Google software engineer Matt Cutts in a NY Times article, adding, “Google can only know what it can crawl.”

Therefore, events producers posting their events on Facebook have not done all that can be done in regards promotions. Announcements will continue to be enhanced by being posted on blogs and calendars.

Yet “What the statistics point to is a rise in Facebook, a decline in blogging, and before that, a decline in personal Web pages. The trend is clear, said Susan Herring of Indiana University — Facebook is displacing these other forms of online publication."

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Unknown said...

Very true, facebook sure seems to be finding themselves under a fair amount of scrutiny these days... and with good reason!