Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review - Outlaw Nation's house-rockin' Christian Simeon gets peeps on their feet with New Day

Christian Simeon and his quartet, Outlaw Nation, tour the clubs and auditoriums of this fair nation on a continual basis. Touring has taught them very directly how to rock a room.

New Day, their latest CD on Stoopid Records, is packed with music whose purpose is to get you and your friends off the couch and onto the dance floor.

I haven't heard a more consistently fun album in some time. It is reggae-inflected rock, and it bumps butt with 311, Green Day, The Police, Ziggy Marley and G Love.

It is a superb guitar album. Simeon crafts riffs that make me want to pick up my Peavey and whip those strings. His voice is evocative, too, and there are just enough harmonies and keyboard parts to cap the board.

Recorded mostly at Sandbox Studio, Shreveport, with Darren Osbourne, it is a party album, a road album, a kick starter for your next oyster roast or Bbq throwdown.

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Anonymous said...

hey Simeon, I'm lost... i need directions... To Spliff City.