Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Frescoes of a Glass Armoire : Cinemotion Whispers & Some Shouts at minicine? Thurs, Sept 10, 8 pm

minicine?, Thursday September 10, will fire up an array of 16mm film projectors (and a few digital ones) for a special screening to celebrate the first annual NW LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, presented by P.A.C.E. September 11-17, 2009 at the Robinson Film Center, says David Nelson.

So, minicine?, in what might be our most unconventional screening to date, will present a sampling of film works from the early underground (the time before the genre, from the "shadow time") including, Jean Genet's Un Chant d'Amour (1950), Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures (1963), Andy Warhol's Haircut #1 (1963), and Barbara Hammer's Dyketactics (1974). And, thinking that this will just begin to wet the appetite... these early and seminal works (Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures had a profound influence on the careers of John Waters, Andy Warhol, and Federico Fellini) will be followed with a selection of contemporary shorts, including, Ryan Trecartin's Tommy Chat Just e-Mailed Me (2006), Jeanne Stern's Bellwether (2008), Ivan Lozano's Signal Noise (2008), and Nana Swiczinsky's Lezzieflick (2008).

Live music during the evening will be performed by Ian Quiet, a Shreveport based musician and performance artist. He will be accompanied by performance artists Meredith Mighell and Megan Westbrook... Landry Debussey will calibrate a tuning fork with visual overlay.

Edible artistry will be provided by World Famous Lagniappe Catering including but not limited to... the likes of Mushroom Strudels, Raggedy Any Salad, Potato Cheese Charlott, Swedish Meat Ball Kabobs, and Gingerbread Jewels...

THURSDAY Sept. 10 / minicine? swampland / 846 Texas Avenue / 8PM / $5 ......... (To Benefit P.A.C.E.)


Angela said...

I don't always understand what I see at minicine but I do thank God it's here in Shreveport!

Kathryn Usher said...

Jack Smith's "Flaming Creatures!!!"