Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review: John Bogan's comic timing, voice and body language led an A list cast in Shreveport Little Theater's production of Neil Simon's farce, Rumors

John Bogan, Shreveport
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John Bogan used a nasal, Jack Nicholson-inspired voice to virtually destroy the Shreveport Little Theater audience on Sat night. His timing, diction and body language gave the actor the firepower of, say, an F-22 Raptor.

On the other hand, the considerable audience seemed amenable to slaughter by farce.

In truth, Bogan was able to safely strafe the audience because of his support team. In the background was director Jared Watson, responsible for rapid-fire timing over the course of a loquacious script.

Mary Alfred Thoma provided a lurching comic presence that set the play's tone. Her foil was Joe Todaro, whose responses crackled with energy.

Janin Jones Pou brought elegance and drollery to the stage. Michael Blake Powell was a cannoneer. Quiet when needed, he ignited big laughs at critical points.

Josh Talley, Angelique Feaster and Rachael Lee Magill were capable lieutenants in the Watson air force. Truly, it was an A list show for this region.

Bogan, says the program, went to London and California for schooling and has traveled widely. His most important stop: study under Bill Ball at American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco. He returned to Shreveport in 2000 and has built a following through acclaimed performances in works such as Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Oliver and Macbeth.

Watson's marching orders seemed well-creased in every aspect save one: the show ran about 2 hours and 30 minutes on Sat. night.

The A list challenge, unspoken, is to bring home a whipped and bagged audience in 2 hours and fifteen.

Next up from SLT is a British farce called It Runs in the Family. It opens Nov 6 at the Women's Department Club, corner of Line Ave and Margaret Place.

Watson made the venerable room of the Department Club a comfortable venue for the Simon play. Last-minute parking presented a minor issue but the show seemed quite effective in regards sight lines and acoustics.


Anonymous said...

This "review" is a joke. The A-list actors in Shreveport aren't on stage much these days and this cast certainly does not replace them. Trudeau's hyperbole is part of the "quality problem" in local theater....the mediocre is being lauded to the point that good and bad have become meaningless.

trudeau said...

Well, you've got a point. In truth, my "review," no matter which theater group you're talking about, is mostly a laudatory salute.

If I were to be critically tough, I'd have to be anonymous, like you.

But local theater is no place for a hard-nosed critic. Period.

Btw, who are Your A list actors? And if "they aren't much on stage these days," then why not?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't local theater a place for hard-nosed criticism? And if your practice, not to mention policy, is to give ANYBODY an "attaboy", then why write these in the first place?

The issue of criticism comes up here about every year or so. The local art crowd talks about how it's an important element that's missing. After venting, nothing much happens.

Well, not exactly nothing. The same tired and convoluted "great shows, despite..." stuff gets posted.

Call me old fashioned, but I grew up thinking art was about representing truth at many different levels. If "local" and "art" means pretending that slop is fine fare, then I guess I'm just out of step.

Kathryn Usher said...

Hey anonymous fellas or gals here's a thought. Why don't you create your own blog or better yet a vlog 'cause "moving pictures are our future" and critique away?

Good Goddess, you expect those of us willing to put our own name out here do it all? If you feel so strongly about this do something about it. It's easy to be an anonymous Internet troll and clicky click away but having the ovaries to get out and create something or critique something is quite a different matter.

Express yourself all you want but be willing to own your own thoughts. Call ME old fashioned, but I was brought up by a professional wrestler father to face my opponent in the center of the ring without a mask hiding my face, I GREW UP thinking art was about representing MYSELF TRUTHFULLY at many different levels.

Pan's Pantry said...

Robert Trudeau runs a pro-art, pro-Shreveport blog here and it's his. He can do it however he wants. He is reaching his goal of promoting the area and its art. If a person goes out and sees the show, then wants to write a negative review, that's good, too. But to anonymously slam a review of a show that you haven't mentioned seeing just sounds like sour grapes and internet trolling. Anonymity makes people loud and brave.

. said...

Anon...we are in SHREVEPORT after all for cryin out loud. What expectations do you have? The best thing is to make a positive difference wherever you are. If you act, paint, make music, poetry, video, or care to write about these - do your best and raise the bar for everyone. Idle complaining gets us nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Circling the artsy wagons again, I see... Amazing what touching a nerve can do for a moribund bulletin board. Hasn't been six comments posted on the same topic here in six months.

Anonymous said...

So, putting your name on a post makes it (what? morally?) superior to one that's anonymous?

Didn't Trudeau say that to make reality-based reviews he'd have to be anonymous?

Maybe there's a part missing, but why does putting your name on a local arts blog post make saying inane pleasantries the only required way to review?

Kathryn Usher said...

Just re-read the last paragraph of your review and was reminded of what a struggle it has to be to get a show going and continue to rebuild the Shreveport Little Theatre.

It just reminded me of why a lot of us make art in SB Land. It's because we're passionate about sharing our form of creativity. And for me it's because I'm equally as passionate about documenting the treasures of SB Land.

Pan's Pantry said...

So now anonymous is not only reviewing the show, Trudeau's review, the blog in general, and the character of the other responders.

If it's all so very moribund, why read it, droll troll?

vulnadia said...

at least somebody bothered to review something around here! you don't have to actually AGREE with what is said, just take note & actually as an actor, appreciate that somebody CARED...either way...they cared to put their thoughts into written word for you to read about it!!! I have a tiny theater that is struggling to get back out on its feet after years of absence & it's like pulling teeth to get anybody to even bother to publish an audition notice much less review it- while our last production got some semblence of a review, most of us call it a blurp & more time was spent trashing a script written long ago that was not written locally than actually watching the show for what it is-& the "critic" didnt even sit in the audience, this guy sat off to the side in the wingspace for lack of a better term! he couldn't have seen half of what went on up on stage! those of us in the arts community LOVE to be reviewed...good, bad, it's how we know that SOMEONE out there saw us, noticed us & for good or bad were moved enough to say something about it either way- I would LOVE for someone to notice that we dont ask for grant money, that we do fundraisers w/o begging our patrons to give us $$$ in the streets...our biggest fundraiser is in rehearsal right now, & its already being ignored by the press-& the show is written locally & presented in a very different way-will we get reviewed? probably not by the press...but maybe, just maybe Robert Trudeau might give us his thoughts on what we do...for better or worse...because at least he knows that we are out there doing our art, trying to give the area something they havent seen in a long time, if ever!!!!

Audra said...

yes, Trudeau is well-known in the theatre circle for giving "kind" reviews, but he does admit the flaws of a show--he pointed out the downsides to "I'm Not Rappaport" just a few weeks ago. Choosing to have a positive outlook on a play doesn't mean that his opinion is bogus. I saw "Rumors" and, as a Neil Simon fan, I was greatly impressed. Thoma and Pou were phenomenal, as were the rest of the cast. As a stage actress and simply as an audience member, I can say this review was well-deserved.
So I have two questions for you (which have been asked before and remain unanswered--you seem to switch gears with every post, a sure sign that the arguement is not worth upholding).
1. Did you actually see the show? If you did and didn't like it, then you are entitled to your opinion and it all ends here.
2. Who are these great legends of the Shreveport stage you refer to? (out of idle curiosity--I'm not from here originally) And why aren't they on-stage anymore? Eventually legends die, and they have to be replaced by new ones--Meryl Streep was just a strange kid from New Jersey with a funny nose before she replaced Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn. So perhaps these actors are still "finding their way".
Even as an actor, I don't mind a critical review. But the angry rantings of some disillusioned cyber-trash talker are neither warranted nor appreciated. Think about what you are trying to do here--are you proving a point or simply looking for something to complain about?

Anonymous said...

Apparently there's a couple different Anon's out here. I didn't see the show, and so have no real opinion on how good or bad it was.

What got my fingers tapping was the clear declaration by the blog master (not me) that local theater reviews on this blog land somewhere between pabulum and being disingenuous.

Maybe this stems from some really high minded beliefs at work about the fragility of the local scene, or just a teacher's inclination to try to always work in some sugar with the sulphur. Only the boss of this blog knows.

I tend to believe most people, artists included, may find some degree of truth to be helpful, but what do I know. Regardless of why,it's still less than truthful, admittedly so.

Anonymous said...

The mindset that this is ONLY Shreveport so high standards and being critically negative shouldn't be part of our art scene is so self-hating. However, that explains why Shreveport continues to be the butt of jokes and remains culturally immature.

JB Jones said...

First of all - Bravo Mr (or is it Dr?) Trudeau. I'm sure that one of the points of your blog is to get people talking... and you've succeeded at that.

But I believe the Anonymous gentleman just has the wrong attitude. This blog is to uplift and encourage the local art scene. Sure, sometimes some constructive critisim is good... but there's no reason for Trudeau to get tough with someone. I don't want to speak for him, but I just feel that he wants to help promote. If he's promoting stuff that you (Anonymous Gentleman) don't find to be of your particular quality, then perhaps you need to either (A) find a new scene (Monroe or Minden perhaps) or (B) show us what you got!

Anonymous said...

When EVERYTHING is promoted as being "wonderful" and "A List" and the epitome of "theatrical excellence" it all becomes a little like the boy who cried wolf. Eventually, everything will be flatened into mediocrity with no standards whatsoever. We NEED a voice holding people's hands to the flame. If you're scared of that then perhaps you should find another hobby.

. said... glad you are so concerned.
Now, why not you start writing quality criticism of the arts in s'port?
Looking forward to seeing how you save us from our flat, standard-less mediocrity...and show us who are the "A-list" talents in the region.
How nice it will be to become enlightened as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well, all the sophomoric sarcasm in Shreveport doesn't change the point that reviews here will be anything but forthright.

Now, if that's either all the blog master can handle, or all the artsy scene can handle, or all those who get reviewed here can handle (not sure which) and still produce, then that's plenty good for me.

But don't hide behind the "Hey, it's Shreveport" excuse unless that means that art in Shreveport can't handle reviews at any level above scratch and sniff. I just don't believe that.

. said...

I agree, and hold the opinion that there is world-class talent right here - and I admire every artist that has the gumption to get out there and participate - no matter what their level of experience. Most are fortunate to find a venue to work in. Will Anon participate?
Let's see.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone gets "out there and participates doesn't make them good or the theater community obligated to find a spot for them.
I guess this all boils down to those people who do theater as a hobby and those that do it to seriously create art and to establish a high level of production that can hold its own against any other city's theatre community. The unfortunate thing here is that the majority are happy in their mediocrity. That's not to say that there aren't wonderful actors and directors and designers locally it's just that, like the educational system in this country, the higher level has been lowered to make the less accomplished feel better about themselves.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone realizes that the anonymous poster (not this one obviously) is Patric McWilliams. He absolutely goes balistic when anyone other than him gets high praise. There are so many hints in the above comments to prove it's him. For one, to criticize this "A-list" of actors means he intends for Seva, Anne et al. to be included.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again. I am the anon poster who has made the above comments. I am not Patrick and I choose to stay "anon" because I happen to be among those who work to support SLT and I have many friends who'd be really pissed at me. So, you need to pick on someone else. I however DO continue to support my comments.

Anonymous said...

The last couple comments make a clear argument for anonymity.

It's not who you think are you, or more accurately, who you think others think you are, it's what you think.

All the bitchy-ness in the first several posts (which take some moralistic tone about identity) underscores the paternalistic provincialism that is the reviewing practice here.

And no, I'm not Mr Williams. And yes, I've got artistic product "out there." I sell mine, which seems to be a very clear review of performance.

Anonymous said...

I have been a frequent reader of this blog and have enjoyed it greatly. I've also noticed that everytime there is a dialogue concerning theater Patric McWilliams is the one who ends up being attacked when he has had nothing to do with the conversation. Is the jealousy and envy of what he's acheived (and trying to establish here) so upsetting to people that they can't leave him alone? He has been one of the brightest stars in theater here. You people must be very envious of him. He's quietly doing his own thing. Get a new scapegoat!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster....thank you! I've been thinking the same thing for quite some time. I'm only involved in theater as an audience member. I have sat through many of Mr. McWilliams' performances and have been blown away with what he did on those stages. Remember NINE, BENT, CABARET, 1776, THE DRESSER ? Leave him alone. Stop driving away people who bring something very special to our community. This isn't to say that other people aren't wonderful and doing good stuff but your jealousy of this man is beginning to get tiresome.

SMorgan said...

I have no idea who this guy is but he seems to be attacked constantly. I just Googled him and now I see that he's been someone to be reckoned with. How cool is it that he's doing a professional theater here!? LOL People here just can't stand someone who excels. Hang in there dude and keep upsetting people.

Anonymous said...

Eloquent testimony on the virtues of anonymity. And by extension, the virtues of simply saying truthful things.

Kathryn Usher said...

on the other hand... you have Elvis who was birthed by the audiences of Bossier and Shreveport and the Louisiana Hayride. That dude didn't need no stinkin' critics. Try googling that name. Elvis. E. L. V. I. S.

JBoston said...

His production of "DOUBT" was single-handedly the best thing that's been on stage in Shreveport in years. Does anyone know what they're doing this season?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that he's completely responsible for raising costuming to a level that hadn't been done here previously. I'm an actress who's been costumed by him in several shows and I can personally tell you that you won't have a better experience. He makes you look great and his clothes almost hand you your performance. I'm happy he's around.
Patric has a tough skin and I know, if he's even aware of blogs like this, that it would make him laugh.

Anonymous said...

The River City website says they're opening with a comedy called "Moonlight and Magnolias". Never heard of it but I'll go. They do kick ass stuff!

Anonymous said...

I agree that talent like Elvis' (or Clementine Hunter's, for that matter) transcends critical review. The strong visceral reaction comes partly from the "flaws", the non-traditional and unexpected approach.

Too often we confused cleverness and artifice with artistry. A common misperception, but one that tends to simple reinforce "trends" that then become cute instead of meaningful.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying that true talent will make itself known regardless of critical reaction. However, critical reaction, when it is honest, examining and comes from an educated viewpoint, documents the artistic experience. Actors, designers, directors, musicians, etc. need that documentation for portfolios, resumes and their quest for future employment. That is why mindless, gushy "puff piece reviews" do no good for the artists who are looking to improve and hone their skills.
To me, the most shocking comment in this entire dialogue, is Mr. Trudeau's statement that there's no place for a "hard nose critic in local theatre." Is he really that afraid of TRUE critical reaction to artistic products? Does he really want to maintain the amateurish status that badly? I, for one, welcome TRUE critical examination of my work whether it be harsh or praising.

Anonymous said...

Who knows why the master of this blog feels that way. He hasn't apparently weighed in again. The cynic in me says it's about how small the local "arts community" is and that this blog may be "supported" in some way. If those are the case, then it makes sense on a personal level to do puff "reviews" that stay clearly on the side of making-nice.

Kathryn Usher said...

Does an artist make art for an audience, a buyer or a critic?

I can't speak for Mr. Trudeau but if your local mainstream big budget media outlets don't bother reviewing local art events how can one man/one woman operations be expected to review events? Again it's gonna take someone with the passion to be a critic. And in this day and age passion usually means a paycheck. And Oh My Goddess, I'd rather be making art as opposed to wasting my energy critiquing someone's work just so they can fill a resume or portfolio.

Mr. Trudeau is also an artist in his own right, in addition to passionately documenting many arts and cultural events in our area. Making art and maintaining blogs take time and energy. If he did one critique wouldn't he have to fill his days and nights covering all the events? And again I think most creatives would rather be creating than critiquing.

Anonymous said...

That is an assinine argument. Every cultural city has critics AND artists that are creating. We deserve nothing less here in Shreveport. It's not one or the other. The initial discussion here is to simply "review" things honestly and in a serious, mainstream way. Blowing smoke up the asses of people who are creating "art" will not get us anywhere.
Ms. Usher, you might want to be free form and without barriers and critical reaction but that's not the way of the world in major markets. Stay happy and content in your small world but don't condemn the rest of us to the same barren landscape.

Anonymous said...

One person taking the step to be "that voice" is exactly how you combat the "main stream" who've chosen not to review everything. To accept that and pack up the tent is defeatist and, again, shows the short sightedness of this city.
Think how many readers this blog would get if it were the source of legitimate criticism. Instead of going with the flow, be different and offer what's not be provided. You're choosing the Shreveport easy way out of it. Shame on you Kathyrn.

KayDes said...

Perfect statement. That's really what it all boils down to. Artists grow up! Critics grow up! City grow up! Let's aspire to higher levels rather than pandering and catering to those who are doing this as a hobby.....untrained, not at the level that they need to be, and becoming incensed when that is pointed out to them. There's a reason they have no career beyond these confines. They wouldn't make it because no one would pamper their egos and/or care if they got upset by being criticized.
Shreveport "artists" love boxing people into corners where they can't speak the truth, where they are protected by the boring "civility and manners" of encouraging the runt of the liter. Bottom line---you don't have the chops to compete in the big time. And yet, the "big time" can happen here if this lauding of the mundane stops.

Kathryn Usher said...

I stand behind my statements. I'm making art using my own name. That's how you're able to say "Shame on you, Kathryn." Thanks for the critical review Anonymous, it is thrilling to know you value your own words enough to put yourself out there. If critiques are so important to you, then do them. Stop hiding behind the keyboard and contribute. Be a part of the art world.

I'm used to the criticism. Elvis wasn't banned in Shreveport but I was Being banned by the Shreveport Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau is strong slap on the naughty bits. But even when the local big time paper pointed it out it didn't do much good.

Seriously, Anonymous, if you want to be an active part of the community and produce thoughtful review pieces, Blogger has free blogs available. Digital cameras are fairly cheap. You could even do video reviews on Youtube. They do some of those in them there big cities you was uh talking about. All it's gonna do is take your time and talent. Sadly, I don't think you'll do much else but just continue to be a faceless and nameless attacker. I'm sure you are much happier just clicky clicking and telling those of us who are actually working and creating what we're doing wrong. I do believe filmmaker and performance artist Jack Smith was right about critics.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, trust me, I do more work for the theater community than you can imagine doing within a calendar year. So, you implying that I don't contribute is a lame argument.
You need to put down your blunt and realize that just becuase someone chooses to be anon it does not cheapen the opinion. Good for you for using your name. You get a big ole brownie point. There are others of us who are in situations where that would cause more angst than balm.
And just as a friendly suggestion, honey, dear, get over bringing up Elvis. Your obsession with that is bordering on the creepy.

Kathryn Usher said...

Blunt? Not sure what that is. My wit is razor sharp. And this ain't no board game of "Clue."

I've just begun with Elvis. Email me your address and I'll send you one of our hot selling "Official Red Velvet Elvis Prayer Cloths." They come with a certificate of authenticity of being baptized in the waters of the Red River and blessed on the official stage of the Louisiana Hayride. They also have a handy grommet so you can hang them from your key chain, rear view mirror or microphone stand. You'd be amazed how much folks want to pay for Elvis related stuff. He is, after all, according to "Forbes" magazine one of the hottest moneymaking dead stars there are. And Shreveport is the birth place of rock and roll. Like they say on the official website of Graceland "What happens in Vegas Started at Graceland." So that can be amended to say "What happens in Vegas Started at Graceland and was birthed in Shreveport."

So it's okay if you want to be creeped out. Me? I'm laughing all the way to the bank. They probably got some pills to help you with that creeped out-ness... Halloween's coming up... Gaslight Players got that scare show at the state fairgrounds. We want you to have good mental health while you're doing your work with the community theatre there.

Anonymous said...

This sarcasm seems so defensive, like toes got stepped on, or egos trod upon, or little scores at risk.

And the second hand apology for this bloggish bullentin board says volumes.

Mostly, the strident tone seems desparately to seek relevance. It's either there or it ain't, quite like talent, and quite like truthfulness. Quite like the content here.

The Savage Chuck said...

Kathryn Usher! You are one MAGNIFICENT WARRIOR!!!!

The Savage Chuck said...

"Mostly, the strident tone seems desparately to seek relevance. It's either there or it ain't, quite like talent, and quite like truthfulness. Quite like the content here."

Then write your own damn Blog, Sparky!

Adrienne Critcher said...

I loved this production. I thought Trudeau's review was very accurate. I've attended productions of all the live theater groups here, and this production was among the best of anything I've seen here, and there have been some 1st-class productions here. Many of these anonymous comments suggest some petty jealousy I'm afraid.

CharlieCando said...

I saw the original production on Broadway and this production (which I also saw) was incredibly inferior to what the script and production demands. It's nice that you enjoyed it. That IS after all the purpose of going to the theatre. When someone responds negatively to something it's not always out of jealousy. It might be because the person responding has been exposed to something better, has been educated to know what a specific script demands, has exposure to theatre on a higher level, etc. That doesn't mean they are putting things down locally. It means they are wanting the local theatre scene to rise to higher levels and produce the requirements of a given script. If we all just think that everything is fabulous then we'll never grow. You should have seen the original set. You should have seen Gene Saks wonderful direction. You should have seen Christine Baranski's Tony winning performance in this show. THEN you'd know how inadequete this production is. Good for the local people wanting to do this show. But that doesn't make what they've done good.
A disclaimer: I don't like Neil Simon. And this script fell into that time period where he produced things like JAKE'S WOMEN, PROPOSALS, LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR, etc. which were all shredding by the NYC critics (who happen to know a lot about theatre). This was the period that his career basically came to an end. He was written out and his jokes were as stale as gym socks. But if SLT wants to continue to capitalize on the local need to have mindless dreck trotted out in front of them....then great. Clearly, SLT has found a niche and is exploiting it for all it's worth. That's just damn good business sense and I salute them for that. However, in the long run, it's not good artistic sense.
I'm not jealousy of anyone, envious of anyone or have a personal beef with anyone. I am, however, tired of seeing mediocre things defended and praised.

vulnadia said...

golly gee, wouldnt it be nice if all these folks would actually go out & see something other than what they feel is the a-list shows & keep an open mind about everything? anyone else remember a time when the artists all worked together,even supported each other & a time when the theaters actually SHARED cast parties on a progressive level? & nobody was cliquish, clannish or "exclusive" & everyone got along? oh yes, that's right, it PREDATES A CERTAIN GENERATION doesnt it..hmm tryin to fix that round here- but these folks will have to get up & out & actually check out other people's work to find out what they are doing! & play nice instead of the status quo...
oh & thanks, thanks for the referral, but a nice box of heads arrived today at the haunt for me- my kids had a great time playing barbies with em...& since we have a backstage family atmosphere, no room for the psychologically impaired in my greenroom, sorry!!! would love to have those willing to have fun & work on a huge art piece of a haunt...but its more sophisticated than jumping out & saying boo...& requires coordination to would be one thing if we were doin it for the heck of it, but we do this to fund our season & to get enough $$ to get a permanent building again...our troupe works the show in many facets, our kids are out there & we have a fun family atmosphere behind the scenes...cant say that will show up in the end product from patron perspective...but hey- dont knock a good fundraiser til you've tried it- we tried to go in with other local groups on this one & split the proceeds, but it was too low for them to stoop- so its just us- gas light...working off the years of teaching & drew's formula he left for us years ago...but at least we arent out begging for money on street corners or dipping into the grant $$ that tends to only go to the elitist willing to follow the masses...besides, what we do is art- on many levels- come check it out- its different-very very different...& we have a nice michael moore piece in the front entryway that i've grown quite fond of...& if someone chooses to bash it, or praise it either way- we'll be grateful that they were moved either way to put it into words & post or write about us-
it was sad to do a huge tennessee williams parody only to have the local critic miss every reference because they hadnt any idea or knowledge of the works- & while it was chock full of a wide span of material, there were pleanty of basic references to the major shows & they were written off as stereotypes- showing that nobody did their homework before the review...making us miss lane more & more...even if he slammed you, he did it well..& when he loved you, he cared to file & remember it for later...the apathy level saddens me now a days...& the comments mostly reflect that-

MKelley said...

I DO "get out and see" things and make it a practice to never judge something or criticize something without having seen it. That said, most of the time I leave wishing I had never gone. Why? Because the productions and their values are not well acheived (there are exceptions). That, of course, is my opinion. I feel like through my experiences, training and exposure to theatre I have the right to make that judgement for myself. I bring certain expectations of quality to everything I attend and I refuse to lower those just because "it's only Shreveport", "we're having fun doing this", "weren't the children cute", etc.
The bigger issue here is that until the theatre people and "critics" involved in local theatre assess themselves and their work honestly the mediocre and badly done will be the standard. You're right, Lane is sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

About the Tennessee Williams parody, it was one of the most appalling things I've ever sat thru. The acting could have made the art of watching paint dry a national pasttime. And I DO know Williams' work and would challenge you to any "quiz" on him that you might like to offer.

Anonymous said...

now we know exactly who you are!