Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lynda Benglis, Louisiana-born artist of international rep, shows recent work at Turner Art Center, Centenary College, along with Enoch Doyle Jeter, Doug Duffey, Sarah Plaia Davidson

Lynda Benglis was one of the cutting edge artists collected by Herb and Dorothy Vogel in the 1960's, viewers learned in the recent and lovely documentary about art collecting, Herb & Dorothy.

View her latest work at the almost-hidden gallery in Turner Art Center, Centenary College. That's the corner of Centenary Blvd and Rutherford St.

How the august NYC artist came to be in a group show with regional artists Enoch Doyle Jeter, Doug Duffey and Sarah Plaia Davidson was explained by Jeter in an email this week.

"What she and I've been doing for 10 years is that I bring her etching plates and / or lithographic stones to either New York or New Mexico. I help her in direction on how to execute her special imagery on the plates and bring the work back to Monroe. I print them at the university (Doyle, founder of Enoch's Pub and the NE La Celtic Fest, is on the art faculty at ULM) and bring them back to her to for hand color, addition of encaustic wax, oil stick, etc. Each print or mono-type is unique. It has been a real joy and a heck of a lot of work to do these projects with Lynda, but I am honored to do so."

It is easily the coolest show in town. All is sleek. If you love design and uptowness you will want to take home a piece and watch your house lurch upward a few notches.

The show is called "10/20/40" for the location of the artists' homes on the corresponding interstates. There are lithographs, etchings, collages, and wall mounted sculptures.

More on the artists and Turner.

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