Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lynda Benglis loves art collectors Herb & Dorothy Vogel; what's not to like about a couple who gave their enormous collection of modern art to the National Gallery?

Lynda Benglis
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The movie Herb and Dorothy will make you ache with pride and elation at the story of two art collectors who have displayed enormous integrity along with their acuity.

In the 1950's the Manhattan couple began to collect modern art. Because he worked for the Post Office and she was a librarian, Herb and Dorothy Vogel bought mostly minimalist and conceptual art. They were ahead of the curve; such art was relatively cheap.

Today the art they collected and kept - their rule was not to ever sell anything from the hoard - is worth millions. Along the way the Vogels became famous (60 Minutes, NY Times, etc) for being impecunious but crazy smart collectors.

Regardless, they still have not cashed in on their trove. Enjoy their lives in a highly satisfying movie at RFC.

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