Saturday, April 18, 2009

Multi-media artist Vanessa Boyd, Centenary grad now in NYC, presents art at minicine? on Sat, Ap 18, at 8 pm

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Over a burdling oud the uptown voice of artist and singer Vanessa Boyd opens the tune "Good for January" with a simple spoken word phrase,"You know I want to have sex with you, right?"

Getting the issues upfront seems appropriate for a former Shreveporter who attended Centenary College (BA, '99) before rambling across Europe (Universite Catholique de Lille, '98) and Afrique (L'Institut Francais; Rabat, Morocco) before settling in NYC (Borough of Manhattan Community College, '06).

Find her songs at

See her drawings at minicine? on Sat, Ap 18, at 8 pm. "Boyd’s work is primitive yet sophisticated in that she is self-taught but educated," says Wanda Rahm, of Greenville, TN, on the extensive web site of the multi-media artist.

At her myspace Boyd allows that
"I perform, write, create, spurt, expunge, generate, expand, renew and decline things musical.
Then there's the visual side of things.
And ideas."

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