Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Gourds' Kevin Shineyribs Russell remembers Shreve Square in the tune "Shreveport," from the new CD "Haymaker"

Tattoo Artspace Shreveport
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Shreveport is back on the map. The city is immortalized in song on the Gourds' appealing new CD, "Haymaker." The country-rock-Cajun tune, simply entitled "Shreveport," was written by Kevin Shineyribs Russell.

He says, "It is requested all over the country. I get to tell stories of being 17 and "angry" while driving around Shreveport in my '64 Malibu, which I totaled on the way to work at Johnny's Pizza one frosty Sunday morn." The Gourds have recently seen such venues as the Mercury Lounge, NYC, and Mountainstage in Charleston, WV.

In the 80's Russell had a mohawk and, along with drummer David M Green, had created a rolliicking quartet called the Picket Line Coyotes.

"Shreveport" came to mind as I edited video of locals showing me their tattoos at Artspace during the opening party of the recent tattoo exhibit. See the crowd and listen to "Shreveport" at youtube.com/trudeau11.

The album "Haymaker" is filled with well-written tunes, ranging in style from country to rock. Check it out.

Artspace capture of a tattooed lass by Talbot Hopkins. In the background: Tattoo exhibit photos by Mike Silva.

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