Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manon Lescaut, a saga of passion which travels upon its voices from France to Louisiana; see Shreveport Opera's performance on Sat, May 2, 7:30 pm, Riverview Theater

To gather round Puccini's feet listening to the tale of a fiery and fated woman, Manon Lescaut, is an entertainment that has endured over a century.

A young, vibrant and well-schooled troupe of entertainers, singers and musicians and directors and costumers, have encamped in Shreveport for lo, these weeks, hoping to entice the classic-loving populace to their tale.

They seem a worthy gang, in perusing the site. And the tale by Puccini has certainly proven itself.

Their ancient rite of song and orchestra-based melody will unfold Sat, May 2, at Riverview Theater. At 7:30 pm. Manon!

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Anonymous said...

And if you want to hear a live opera orchestra playing that wonderful music, that's the place to be Saturday night.