Saturday, April 04, 2009

American Cancer Society youth fundraiser: Paint in the Park at Betty Virginia Park, noon to 7:30 pm Sat, Ap 4

"We'll be having another "Painting in the Park" American Cancer Society youth fundraiser @ Betty Virginia Park on Sat. from noon - 7:30," says Maysa Kaskas.

"It's the same concept as last time: we'll have bedsheets and lots of paints, and we'll be accepting donations (all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research and patient treatment & outreach programs) in return for the opportunity to paint, make handprints, etc on the sheets. These sheets will later be displayed at the Relay for Life so that everyone will be able to see the art we've made together while raising money for a cure! We will also be face-painting for donations. The weather forecasts a beautiful day, so I hope that we'll have a great turnout!"

This photo: Hannah Johnson, Olivia Flowers Dossett. Photography by Joy Shan, Madison Holladay, Andi Finley.

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