Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conchita Iglesias-McElwee & David Nelson bring the Love / Hate Show, the Peekers and new film from Darrin Martin to 846 Tex on Fri, May 1, 8 pm

minicine? & Conchita Iglesias McElwee host a night of film, music and art, downtown Shreveport. Beginning at 8PM, Friday May 1st, 846 Texas Avenue, $5.

Film: New works by Darrin Martin (more info: )

Art: The Love / Hate Show

Sara Hebert, Chris Jay, Conchita McElwee, Michael Moore, Tara Streetman, Robert Rodgers, Shane Thompson, Micah Harold, Brandon Jenkins, Courtney Harold, Shannon Palmer, Chad O' Kenievel, Chris Stripling, Jen Wasson, Sizer Yerger, John Bentrup, Aubre Bauer, Venus Sheets, Mallori Brandon, Megan Cardenes, Kandi Kane, Jamie Anderson, Shawna Atkins, Mimi and Donnie Webb, Bregon Webb, Alison Wonderland, Jeremy Hayes, BJ Wheless, Kathryn Usher, Dylan Hillman, Chris Beale, Amy Lynn Scott + more...

Music: The Peekers vs. Power Pellut

What more can we say!

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