Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yo Yo Ma and the New Pornographers: music interviews and free songs and concerts at the new site called NPR Music

Yo Yo Ma
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Part of the answer to whither the music industry is to be found at NPR Music, a beta site. While it's not a mass market answer, this site has the potential to give the likes of me a place to congregate. It seems truly eclectic.

At the top of the page is Yo Yo Ma, who talks about his favorite recordings of late. Among them he cites the New Pornographers, whose singer is Neko Case. There's a feature on Animal Collective, called "Unique, experimental, crazed."

A feature that caught my ear this week is called Project Song. In this edition, a songwriter named Stephin Merritt was sonically tracked as
he performed the piano, percussion and layered vocals of a new tune.

At NPR Music there's lots of free music: singles, concerts, interviews.
This might be the place that gets me back into buying CD's.


Dogblogger said...

New Pornographers at House of Blues Halloween night was an excellent show. Just thought I would gloat a little! :)

Anonymous said...

where does Yo Yo Ma mention the New Pornographers?
I can't seem to find that. Thanks!

Robert E Trudeau said...

Dog: lol.
Non: I have looked bloody seriously for the Yo Yo Ma article I saw at 6:45 am in the 5-story rotation at the page top. In it Ma recommended the New Pornographers, I swear. Alas, I cannot confirm it tonight.