Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enter Laughing at Caddo Magnet High on Th, Nov 8, and Fri, Nov 9, at 7 pm: Krieg, Wuellner, Wood and Derozier

Caddo Magnet High School's production of Enter Laughing runs tonight, Th, Nov 8, and Fri, Nov 9, at 7 pm, says drama teacher Patti Weaver. It will take place in the Performing Arts Center at CMHS.

Tyler Krieg, Elizabeth Wuellner, Andrew Wood and Emily Derozier are the principals.

The comedy Enter Laughing is based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Carl Reiner. It centers on the journey of an aspiring actor as he tries to extricate himself from protective parents and girlfriends in 1930s New York City.

Caddo Magnet High, the parish high school for the performing arts, is at 1601 Viking Drive. Tickets are $5.

Info: 221-2501

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Anonymous said...

Monica and I just came from this play. It's hilarious. Fantastic! Some college kids I've seen lately could take some pointers from these high schoolers on how to put on first-rate show. Great sets, super script, wonderful stage presence. I laughed till my throat hurt.

Tony Reans