Thursday, November 01, 2007

Line-up for the Dharma Bums reading at 846 Tex at 7 pm on Sat, Nov 3

The Beat generation reading at 846 Tex, Sat, Nov 3, says Michael Parker, will unfold along these lines, reader and material to be read . .

Kevin Meaux - Walt Whitman & original material
Michael Steinberg - Jack Kerouac & Carolyn Cassady & original work
Noma Fowler-Sandlin - reading Allen Ginsberg & original work
Kevin Willey - William S. Burroughs
Charles Stein - Charles Olson
Laura Flett - Denise Levertov
Michael Harold - R. Buckminster Fuller and original work
Sara Hebert and Chris Jay - audio/visual piece inspired by female Beat Generation writers


Robert Trudeau - Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Adrienne Palmer - original work
Pam Peak - Allen Ginsberg
Michael Parker - Bob Kaufman
Steven Soffer - Jack Micheline and Tuli Kupferberg
Joanna Ballard - Joyce Johnson and Kerouac (with Michael Parker) Steve Parker - Frank O'Hara
Debbie Buchanan Engle - Anne Waldman
Uriah Oxford - Jack Kerouac

Chris Lyon and Luke Lee, videography


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Unknown said...

The Kerouac Anniversary was a unique and much needed Shreveport experience.

I will be blogging details and impressions soon!

Robert it was a pleasure to meet you and your reading was outstanding!

Your featured student was great as well. Thank you for bringing her!

uriah oxford