Monday, November 19, 2007

Louisiana's blossoming filmmaking community called to enter Deep South Cinematic Arts Fest, Lafayette; deadline Jan 11 for any form of moving image media in any genre

Danny Lachman, Shreveport
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Videographers and filmmakers may stagger away from their computers after reading the open entry call for the 2008 Deep South Cinematic Arts Festival:

This call for entries is open to any form of moving image media in any category or genre, whether narrative or non-narrative, fiction or non-fiction, representational or abstract, video or animation.

The Festival especially welcomes works that splice good writing with experimental imagery and technique, or that reach outside the frame of any one discipline or genre.

It is open to Louisiana filmmakers as well as other media artists.

Official selections will be chosen by jury.
No entry fee is required.
Multiple submissions are acceptable.
Deadline for entry is January 11th, 2008.

Entry forms and information are available by email at: or
Event: campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, March 28-29.

Thunder. Lightning. Mountains crumble.
The festival jury is buried beneath an avalanche.
Fade to black.

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