Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shreveport's Highland neighborhood remains a center for artistic energy; see work by Kathryn Usher at Jackrabbit Lounge, Meadows Museum of Art and more at the Highland Jazz & Blues Fest, Nov 17

"Made from reclaimed materials from the streets of Highland in Shreveport," is the description given this representation of a Highland house by emerging artist Kathryn Usher. She adds, "This one is currently hanging at Meadows Museum of Art. More will be for sale at the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival on Nov 17."

Usher has a piece in the Jackrabbit Lounge show curated by Conchita McElwee. It is called Summer of the Dead and resulted from materials collected during her ground-breaking work in founding Shreveport Spirit Tours. If you haven't enjoyed her Red River Blog Jam, please do. It's a good way to keep up on Highland. It's a place for Usher's observations on the city as a whole. And it's home for work by an important new regional artist.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the post and the very kind comments. I'm having a blast "building" Highland houses and other goofy things that strike my fancy. And blogging of course! I'm working on post about a artist who operates a blacksmith shop in Highland.