Sunday, October 16, 2005

What the Bleep Do We Know? at Centenary Film Society Tu, Th, Oct 18 & 20, at 7 pm, Mickle Hall

Natural Rorschach IV
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What the Bleep Do We Know? is a cult movie about quantum physics, I'm told by local members of its cult. "Physicists, neurologists, biologists and philosophers provide commentary as the viewer observes the fictional unraveling of a young photographer's life (played by Marlee Matlin)," says the Centenary Film Society copy.

Evidently the movie has provoked people across the globe to join discussion groups, book clubs and other purgative assemblies. Then there are the, ahem, quantum physics/film cults.

Tuesday & Thursday, Oct 18 & 20
Mickle Hall auditorium, Rm 114 (halfway down the hallway, ground floor)
7 pm / No charge / USA 2004 / 108 mins.

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