Saturday, October 22, 2005

Artspace this weekend, before the Artscare Halloween Party on Fr, Oct 28

Courtney Mott Byrd HS
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In Artspace underground, called Coolspace, you'll see award-winning student art. Upstairs you'll find a major photo exhibit of New Orleans artful cemetaries called Elysium.

Giant, technicolor paintings by Michael G Moore are spaced with intricate pen and ink fantasies by Mark Burt and stone sculture by Thomas Little in an additional upstairs exhibit.

On the main floor visitors will be awed by gigantic images from the Highway haiku series as well as by the tschotchkes in Giftspace.

Artspace hours:
Mon - Wed 9 to 2.
Th to Sat 9 to 9 pm.

Sup: 673-6535.

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Anonymous said...

Coolspace is actually where the Moore/Burt/Little show is upstairs. Coolspace is the gallery for local art, regardless of wherever it is located in Artspace at any given time.