Sunday, October 30, 2005

Drug dealers' seaplanes using Cross Lake as drop point, say local filmmakers

Photog Russ Friedrich captured a drug dealer-filled seaplane as it made a dangerous drop over Gus Mijalis' cottage on the edge of Cross Lake last week.

Expected to smash into the docks after a reckless swoop over the I-220 bridge, the sponson-rigged dealer-mobile landed competently and taxied to a safe mooring.

At the stick were were co-pilots Ray Burch, of Saline, TX, and Dr. Chris Erickson, local dentist. Indeed, they were flying the plane for Michael Amundsen, assistant director of the movie Road House 2. It will star a Gary Busey look-alike: Gary's son, Jake Busey.

Hollywood on the Red, eh? More seaplane photos on Shreveport

Since none of us saw Road House, I found this shortie on "Roadhouse is only the greatest film yet made about a bouncer in a small Kansas bar who finds true love at the tip of a boot. Next to it the action scenes in Citizen Kane look flat and uninspired. Mr. Smith goes to Washington pales in comparison and It's a Wonderful Life looks like a steaming pile of garbage."

On the concept for Road House 2: "Some might poo poo the notion of a middle aged Swayze putting forth another ham fisted effort to look tough, cool, and sensitive all at once but I say "bring it on!" If only to keep the budget from going to another Dukes of Hazard movie." As far as we can see, Swayze did not fly on the re-make plane.

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