Thursday, October 20, 2005

McCartney interview on NPR, Th, Oct 20, during an amazing low-key fund drive

National Public Radio is a biblical reservoir for many of us. If you like SptBlog, I'm pretty sure you like NPR.

This week the gang at Red River Radio has begun the most low-key and unintrusive fund-raiser that I've ever heard. General manager Roy Gerritson says, "We’ve tried to focus more on our goal this time around, and have made an effort to shorten the drive, both in the number of days and the amount of time we spend on air."

"As you know this is a very important time of year for Red River Radio, as we need to raise funds to continue operating and paying our bills. I hope others in the audience are recognizing and appreciating the changes we’ve made in our on-air fundraising."

Hope you will be generous in giving to this enormously important local institution. And if you miss the McCartney interview, not to worry. connects you to an amazing world of news and music. And while there you can make your contribution fretlessly.

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