Sunday, October 30, 2005

Independent film with Shreveport connections opens Nov 4 at Louisiana Boardwalk & Tinseltown

Filmmaker Tom Anton and his wife, Sandi Russell, embrace in the living room of their Connestee Falls, NC, home. They are striking a pose similar to the one of the couple playing them in their first film, “At Last.” The movie is based on the Anton-Russell love story. The independent film, made in New Orleans, will open Nov. 4 at Louisiana Boardwalk 14 and Tinseltown, says the Times. Evidently there will be a bit of hoopla at La Boardwalk.

"At Last" was directed by former Crescent City resident Tom Anton. Jim Davis, a Shreveport attorney and business investor, served as the film's executive director. A small role marks the film debut of Caddo Magnet HS drama club alumnus Amelia Turner.

Here's one version of the story: eKConline .. And here's the IMBD on it.

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Anonymous said...

Look, I just have to say that I know this family and I think it is horrible that they glorified that they had an affair. I do not know Toms previous wife but I know Sandi’s ex husband and he is a good man. What a shame.