Saturday, October 01, 2005

Poetry by adult readers at the Revel, 5:30 Monday - free admission night

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Nadine Charity is a considerable poet, which means she's adept at wordplay and insightful about matters of the heart. She's an effective reader and a good audience member, too. For some years now she has been the Poetry Stage volunteer for the Revel. She has encouraged and coordinated scores of readings by students. Today her message is about another group of language lovers:

Hello friends,

There will be an open mike for adults night at the Revel this year on
Monday starting at 5:30 on the Barnwell stage. This stage is a little
off the beaten path, back behind the Barnwell Center. It is quiet and
secluded and there isn't a drink or food booth near by, so you might
want to bring a drink, and convince a friend that it is worth the walk.

I hope lots of readers turn out for this. It is the first time in a
long time we have had adult readers. Please remember that this is a
family type venue and the poems should be appropriate for all listeners,
within reason. Don't want it to be a child centered reading, but you
understand what I mean I hope!

Monday is free entry into the Revel night, so everyone just come on down
and we will do it like in the old days, or am I having a moment of fond
reminiscing? Were there ever good old poetry days? I hope so.

For those of you who are story tellers or fiction writers, if you have a
shortish offering that would be wonderful as well. I hope to see
everyone there.


And the student poetry nights are Wed, Oct 5, and Thurs, Oct 6. At 5:30 p.m. each night the stage is for elementary school readers. At 7:00 p.m. there will be readers from regional high schools.

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