Monday, August 01, 2005

Party at Artspace Thur, Aug, 4, 7 to 9 pm, to open the Second Annual Physical Manifestation of the online

Party with the friends and enemies of 34 top regional artists at Artspace Thursday night, Aug 4, from 7 to 9 pm. The occasion is the Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery’s Second Annual Physical Manifestation.

Michael G. Moore, the brain and heart behind, has curated the show, which features works by 34 visual artists, plus performance, literary and multimedia artists.

Music by DJ Jalapeno will put some chili & ciliantro on the event, says Mimsy Borogroves.

Ms. B also writes "coolspace, the versatile, moving area of artspace created for the use of regional artists, will this time present on the second floor of the multi-use art center, as the building makes its transition from The Art of Robots Exhibit to one based on the Dia de los Muertos celebrations of Mexico."

How many of these perpetrators do you know? Here's the lineup: Vivian Ogea Allen, Joanna Ballard, Mark Charleville, Liz Christler-Stacy, Carlos Colon, Sandi K. Connolls, Johnna Crider, John Dellenger, Denise Peske Dews, Dorthinia, Minister Frances Louise Drew, Stanton Dossett III, Alan Dyson, Debbie Buchanan Engle, Noma Fowler-Sandlin, Cookie Garner, Dan Garner, Bill Gingles, Micah Harold, Michael Harold, Randy Hedgecock, Martha Kostiouk Hollier, Ray Holt, Mary Sorrows Hughes, Neil Johnson, Dawn Marie Landrum, Loridana, Robert Moe, Michael G. Moore, Lenora Nazworth, David Nelson, Jody Raney, Tony Reans, Pearl Serbanic, Lisa Smith, Leland Strebeck, Rachel Stuart-Haas, Joanna Tagert, Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor, Jen Wasson, Danny J. Williams, and Jerry Wray.

More info: visit For more information about coolspace, artspace, or the upcoming exhibitions, please call artspace at 673-6535 or the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at 673-6500. artspace and coolspace are projects of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, says SRAC officer Freda Powell.

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