Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Leland Strebeck's Screaming Strange Somethings at the NWLaArtGallery.com show, Artspace

At the Second Annual Physical Manifestation of artists who are part of Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery.com, this was a much-discussed piece: Leland Strebeck's Screaming Strange Somethings. There are nine small paintings hanging on their own furry background. At $200, it is a wholesale price and a terrific gift for a 20-something. Strebeck is capable, productive and growing in vision. He's quite a collectable artist, notes Michael Harold.

See some 30 paintings and multi-media pieces in the beautifully-lighted upstairs room at Artspace, recently converted to gallery space.

Already sold are pieces by Rachel Stuart-Haas, Noma Fowler-Sandlin and Sandi K. Connolls, says Artspace.

More info: 673-6535.


Anonymous said...

That's just $22 bucks per Strebeck!

trudeau said...

A bargain, yes. Original painters have to bite a hard bullet in their apprenticeship. Leland's piece is humorous, fashionable and personable. That should be worth a lot!

Brett Roman said...

Leland has been a favorite artist of mine for many years, I hope to see him and his lovley wife again real soon.