Monday, August 15, 2005

Monjunis gets plaudits at new site:

If you're like us you love to evaluate the deliciousness of meals. We are quick to judge and measure and discuss our restaurant fare. After all, for years I was in and out of New Orleans, a city where people love food and are quick to analyze it. Also, I was a waiter in Shreveport - Fertitta's L'Italy, Fertitta's Central Station and Sleepy's. Additionally, I once wrote the restaurant review column for the Shreveport Journal.

Thus I'm happy to see a new local site devoted to restaurant evaluation:

It was founded by a fellow who has asked me not to use his name: "The reason I'd like to remain anonymous to the rest of the world is so no one knows when they're being reviewed. I actually haven't started leaving a note for my servers yet, but I do plan to start soon. I will only do it when I'm not paying with plastic, though, so no one can put a face with a name."

His sense of caution may be a bit over-wrought but
I think the site has terrific utility and will be helpful to the dining scene. There's a forum for negative reviews and one for the positive. So far I happen to agree with most of the reviews posted, such as IHOP and On the Border, annh, and Monjuni's and Carrabba's, yay.


YatPundit said...

Monjuni's is excellent. There shrimp toast is a wonderful appetizer.

Shreveport Reviewer said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the write-up; I really appreciate it, and I suppose it doesn't hurt that you agree with some of my reviews. :)

Anonymous said...

I signed up on For the most part, they go to buffets and chain restaurants; my taste is somewhat different, but I'll still do it.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Brett Roman said...

I was just telling my buddy a week ago that someone should do a restaurant review blog, and low and behold we have one! Very nice indeed, I need to start wearing that spaghetti strainer on my head again to keep the CIA from stealing my ideas with their satellites.

shreveport reviewer said...

To anonymous:

Thank you for registering at, but please keep in mind that the forums are open for posting. If you have a local restaurant you want reviewed, and you have been there, feel free to review it.

I have reviewed quite a few local establishments, although most of my reviews have been of chains. Do keep watching the review forums, as I will be reviewing more local establishments as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

To Brett Roman:

I promise to stop intercepting ideas as the satellites steal them from within your head.

Shreveport Reviewer

Anonymous said...

Monjuni's opened a branch a couple of weeks ago in Baton Rouge on Jefferson Highway. We've been there thrice, and each time the experience was worse. Teenage wait crew who have no idea what they're doing, kitchen is out of stuff but they don't bother telling us, pasta way overcooked. French bread on shrimp po-boy was excellent on one visit, vintage Holsum spongy soft on another visit.