Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Big Positive: melodies and harmonies all over the map / Songwriters' Open Mic on Mon at Holiday Inn Downtown and Thurs at 516 Soundstage

The Big Positive, a preternaturally-gifted singing, rockin' trio, admits that "ELO, Ben Folds, and Modest Mouse had a baby and named it The Big Positive."

Their bio, found with their gorgeous music on the band's site,, states bluntly , "john, michael, jordan. three guys born and raised in the city of shreveport lousiana, a sad shadow of its southern brothers, empty, barren."

With bravado they continue, "john writes the songs mainly under the influence of drugs and unconciousness, submits them to bass player jordan and white drummer michael. an original set-list of 11."

They record their vocals and guitars in their Beatlesque arrangements at Michael Stephens' house, says bassist Jordan West, on a PC. They use Cubase software.

John Martin, the songwriter, gets credit for "vocals, keys, voice synths and Trick Spin Champ," on their myspace site. Stephens is the drummer. All sing. "We just have the music gene, I guess," said West when asked how they developed their harmonies. "It just comes to us."

Dan Garner, Tipitina's S'port guru and co-host, with singer-dancer Heather Romero, of Songwriters' Open Mic Night, says "One night these 3 guys were in the back of the room at Songwriter's night and finally asked to perform. They looked entirely disreputable. When they asked if they could borrow my guitar, I had to think about it. But they were great."

West says they are not long for Shreveport. He's headed to LSU soon and when John Martin clears out of BPCC they will probably relocate to a place with a bigger audience for original music.

For the moment, however, they may be found at Songwriter's Open Mic at Holiday Inn Downtown on Mondays and at 516 Soundstage on Thursdays.

More info from Garner at Tip's: 934-0000.


Brett Roman said...

I am hearing great things about these guys, can't wait to see for myself.

Aaron said...

these guys rock.

They'll be playing Sunday, August 14th with Mars Vegas and The Teeth @ the Theta Chi house on Centenary's campus.

It'll be a rockin' and rollin' night for sure.

Anonymous said...

Get real, these guys suck!