Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dance under the stars with Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet, La Dance Theater and other troupes Sat, Sept 10, 7 pm

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Ballet Under the Stars, presented by the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet (SMB), will be held Saturday, September 10, in downtown Shreveport’s Festival Plaza, at 7 p.m. Admission is free, says SMB's Susan Gross.

Balletists will share the stage with jazzers and modern dance movers as SMB gives way to performances by Louisiana Dance Theatre, Power & Grace, and Cyndi’s Dancers of Homer, Louisiana.

During intermission, children in the audience will be invited to perform onstage.

More info: Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet office at 459-1457.

This outdoor event is electric with springy energy and has proven itself worthy of highest recommendations.

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Mr Trudeau-

I have be in Shreveport,all my life
I am writng to see if my connection
works. I have heard your remarks for years. I appreciate your style
and devotion to this area. Somethings have not changed, I see,
since the accident, in 2006. I was a designer atarting in 1981
Mayby I'll see