Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dirtfoot and the Dimestore Troubadours at Lil Joes Fri, Aug 12

Time travel sideways with the cinematic Dirtfoot at Lil Joes Friday, Aug 12, about 10 pm. Opening is a gravelly-voiced coffee house duo from New Orleans called Dimestore Troubadours.

Dirtfoot has a new percussionist, says lead singer Matt Hazelton. The new beard in the lineup calls himself the Dirtfoot "pots and pansist." He is Aaron Butler, Centenary music school drummer and student of all the percussive and musical arts. Butler is the new drummer for experimentalist noise rockers Red Shift.

Butler is also a Photoshopper and capable graphic designer. This piece is illustrated with his Dirtfoot flyer.

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