Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Shreveport institution changes hands: Matthew Linn sells Columbia Cafe to entertainment entrepreneurs Paul Roney & Chase Boytim

"We'll take over in about 2 weeks," said Chase Boytim about his recent purchase of Columbia Cafe.

Boytim, manager and part owner at Fatty Arbuckles, one of downtown Shreveport's liveliest taverns, has purchased the restaurant with New Orleans partner Paul Roney.

Boytim and Roney have been associates in promoting concerts in the Big Easy and Shrevetown for several years.

Their plans call for a whole new approach to be unveiled at Kings Hwy and Creswell this summer: a tapas bar.

Matthew Linn explained that he is currently a full-time nursing student as well as a Caddo Commissioner. He is also prepping his property, he said, for his coming wedding to Lisa McCraw.

As a Caddo Parish leader Linn said, "Look for the commission to take over the dog park project and also to announce expansion of area bicycle trails."

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Matthew Linn said...

I hope I did not say "take over the dog park" I as a commissioner only want to assist in bringing a dog park to life in Caddo Parish. The dog park is in very capable hands already, less government is better government:)