Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hate smoky bars but crave live music? David Egan, Buddy Flett at Club Status, 618 Commerce St, in smoke free evening on Thurs, May 31, 7 to 11 pm

Join Tipiitna's Foundation, Let's Be Totally Clear, & Club Status for a Smoke-Free evening of Live music, Free food and fun, says David Egan.

Music lovers can have a drink and celebrate a rare tobacco-free night at the riverfront club.

Musicians, bar and casino employees have a Louisiana organization,, that is leading the fight against the smoke-filled, hazardous air that fills most Bayou State clubs and casinos.

The show on Thurs, May 31, will feature Buddy Flett, David Egan, Ian Quiet, AJ Haynes, MD & Mr Christopher.

Catering provided by Lagniappe Catering.

7pm - 11 pm. Must be 21 to Enter.

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