Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drums & Dj's on Wednesday evenings at Ron Hardy's H&H Lounge on Hope St, historic Allendale, Shreveport

Historic Allendale is a quiet place today. Housing has been decimated; businesses are not exactly thriving. A lot of Allendale is looking like the country. Doesn't take long for a cleared lot to become a grove of trees.

And that makes it fertile ground for urban imagineers. In every direction one can see possibilities for renewal.

One fellow who is busy making Allendale's possibilities into reality is musician / activist Ron Hardy. He has reconstituted the H&H Lounge, once a neighborhood tavern, into a performing arts venue.

The H&H Lounge, 717 Hope St, is next door to the former Pete Harris Restaurant at 1855 Milam St.

Milam at Hope St is a beautiful part of historic Shreveport. If your vision is wide-angle, it's a thrilling part of the city.

It's safe and mellow. Join Hardy and his musical buddies on Wednesdays for a drum circle and reggae session. And for informal excursions into the artful possibilities of urban transformation.

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