Friday, May 25, 2012

Filmmaker Allison Bohl shoots Lafayette, La, group, Givers, alongside Freres Michot and Dickie Landry

Paul Simon's Graceland is having a 25th birthday and indie artists have made a series of Graceland covers. In this one, shot by Allison Bohl, Shreveport lass who lives in Lafayette, the Louisiana band Givers sings "That Was Your Mother," accompanied by veteran artist from Scott, La, Dickie Landry.They are also joined joined by Freres Michot. "Most of us grew up with that album in our household – it's probably made its way into our subconscious, and it's influenced the way we play as a band," says Givers singer-guitarist Taylor Guarisco. Givers' female singer is Tiffany Lamson.

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