Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guidelines for new Shreveport Artists Market in Red River District; open for business on Saturdays May 30 - Aug 22, 9 am to 1 pm

Tracy Chappell & Friends, Shreve Square, Shreveport  

The Red River District wants to offer a place to celebrate the works of local artisans and allow the artists to display and sell their work to the public. These works include, but aren’t limited to, arts, crafts, and functional works of art.

The Shreveport Artists’ Market has been created to be this place of celebration, says manager Marissa Carbine.

SAM will take place Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., May 30 – August 22.

The Shreveport Artists’ Market in the Red River District will be operated by these General Regulations.

The Shreveport Artists’ Market is open to artisans who have articles for sale that are made with locally sourced items or are 50% or more “handmade. The rental rate: $15.00/week or $130.00 for the entire session. Spaces are allocated according to many factors and are assigned at the discretion of RRD Management. The manager may change vendors’ location as they deem necessary. No person renting a space shall be allowed to sell, sublet, or assign such space to another.

Application forms: Marissa.Carbine@shreveportla.gov.

1. A vendor shall be defined as a person who offers for sale any handmade items or items provided from locally sourced items.
2. While good quality homemade products are preferred at the Shreveport Artists’ Market, some products to supplement the stock are permissible, by application to and approval by RRD Management. Any substandard or inappropriate products will be barred from the Shreveport Artists’ Market.
3. Supplemental products being sold in the Shreveport Artists’ Market which are not made by the vendor shall be properly signed as to indicate that the produce is not homemade. Vendors are required to report all sales to the Department of Revenue and Taxation. RRD Management is not responsible for collecting or reporting taxes.
4. Vendors shall provide their own tables for display of their goods, chairs, and change fund, and if electricity is needed, a heavy-duty extension cord.
5. No price fixing will be tolerated at the Shreveport Artists’ Market. Price fixing is defined as an agreement among competing vendors to sell at the same price.
6. Vendors are expected to arrive at the Red River District no later than 60 minutes prior to opening and be ready to sell at the normal starting time. No vehicles allowed under the Texas St bridge.
7. The Shreveport Artists’ Market vendors are required to stay during the entire day.  If the vendor has sold out or has too few products remaining to warrant continued presence, he or she may obtain permission from RRD Management prior to leaving for the day but only for unique reasons. Upon receipt of permission to leave, the vendor will post a sold out sign at his or her stall, and contact the manager to be escorted from the premises. Vendors are encouraged to bring ample amounts of their product, as leaving early presents many problems, and will not be allowed regularly.
8. Vendors are expected to clean up after themselves on a daily basis. On-site waste containers will be provided for packing materials only, which must be broken down. Boxes must be removed by the user.
9. Long-term rentals are encouraged. Daily rentals shall be allocated only when accepted, and on a first-come, first-served basis. Long-term rentals must be paid for in advance and may be re-sold by the manager if the vendor is not present 30 minutes prior to opening.
10. Anyone unable to attend should call the manager as soon as they know they cannot be there. This enables the manager to keep the Shreveport Artists’ Market full.
11. We employ a “Three Strikes” Discipline Policy for the breaking of rules. The first infraction will garner a verbal correction; the second, a written warning; the third, expulsion from the market.
12. The renter shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Red River District tenants, the City of Shreveport, Lea Hall Properties, their sponsors and managing agency, employees and volunteers from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out the rented space’s use if such claim is attributable to personal injury, bodily injury, disease of death, or injury to, or destruction of property, including the loss of uses there from, and is not caused by any negligent act or omission of willful misconduct of the Red River District, their sponsors or their employees or volunteers acting within the scope of their All vendors shall comply with the rules set forth by RRD management.

RRD Management will work directly with the vendors in enforcement and interpretation of said rules. If you are unable or unwilling to conform to the Shreveport Artists’ Market rules, please do not apply.

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